5 Simple DIY Home Security Upgrades

Home Security Upgrates in ChicagoHave you ever stayed awake at night worrying on how best to lock your house to keep the thieves, burglars and other intruders out? The good news for homeowners is that most burglars are lazy and don’t want to work too hard to get what they want. According to statistics, almost one third of all burglaries in the United States are unforced; in other words, the thieves simply walked into the homes they burgled!

Here are 5 very simple and easy home security upgrades that you can do yourself to keep your home and your family safe.

1. Put On Your “Burglar” Eyes

Before you rush off to buy bigger locks and louder alarms, it is important to change your mindset and to start looking at your house in the same way a criminal would. Put on your “burglar” eyes and start looking at your home for all the weak spots.

Look at your house from the outside in. What are easy access points? What looks appealing to a burglar? Are there broken or missing locks? Remember that no one will break into a house without “casing the joint” first, and you should do the same, but from the opposite perspective; that of bolstering your home’s defences.

Once you know where the problems lie, you are ready to upgrade the security of your house. Of course, it is always good to get the advice of a good locksmith in Chicago; he knows better than anyone how to lock your house, and can give you the best advice based on your needs and your budget.

 2. Check Your Locks

Burglar proofing your home begins with your locks. Ensure that all appropriate doors and windows have strong, rust-free locks. A good lock will be enough of a deterrent to make a burglar think twice. If a lock is damaged or missing, replace it immediately.

A good lock will give you ample protection from the outside, while at the same time ensuring that you can get out of your house quickly in case of a fire.

3. Adjust Your Doors

It is of no use having a good lock on your door when it can easily be kicked down by a burglar. Ensure that all your outside doors are solid and sturdy. If for some reason you have a flimsy door on the outside of your home, consider investing in a solid wood, solid wood with metal sheathing, or a metal door to replace it,and always make sure that you have a peephole in your door for added awareness.

 4. Secure Your Windows

Ensure that your glass sliding doors and windows are secure and difficult to open up from the outside. A good way to do this is to install keyed locks on your sliding doors and to add burglar bars to your windows. Burglar bars do not have to be unsightly anymore. as there are many modern, invisible models to choose from.

 5. Advertise Your Burglar Alarm

Let potential criminals know that you have an alarm. By simply putting up a sign letting people know that you have an alarm, this can be a deterrent. A visible well posted burglar alarm sign can be an effective way to scare away the burglars looking for easier prey.

Knowing how to lock your house effectively is simpler than it may seem at first glance. With a few small DIY adjustments, some good advice from your locksmith, and a sharp eye, you will go a long way in keeping your home, your valuables and your family safe

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