Busting Car Lock Key Codes Near Impossible

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 Just about all of us have heard the urban legend about car thieves being able to hack into keyless entry systems to gain entry into vehicles with a few clicks of the mouse. Like many folk legends there is a small grain of truth to this one as a particularly skilled thief may be able to intercept car lock key codes and use them to enter vehicles illegally. However, this is highly unlikely because of the very specialized skills and equipment needed.

 Remote keyless entry systems were introduced in the 80s and have gained popularity since then as their price has decreased and as more auto consumers have come to demand the convenience and added security remote access to their vehicles offers. Today’s modern keyless entry systems even let owners crank their vehicles, turn on their lights and raise or lower windows from afar.

 In the early days of keyless entry systems, cracking car lock key codes was fairly easy for people with expertise in radio technology. Using code-grabbing equipment, thieves with the right technical skill could intercept and use these codes. As criminals became wise to this tactic, car manufacturers began tightening security.

 In the past, remote keyless entry systems used just a single code to lock and unlock vehicles. Modern remote keyless entry systems use rotating security codes to decrease the chance that a thief could intercept codes and put them to illegal use.

 To intercept a modern remote keyless entry system’s signal and put it to use, a thief would have to have a very specialized knowledge of remote keyless entry systems and the patience to target a vehicle and intercept multiple car lock key codes, then crunch the data to devise an entry code that may work.

 Recent research has yielded a way to use antennas to intercept and relay signals that will allow illegal entry into a vehicle, but the thief must be very close to the victim for this to happen, making it highly unlikely. Nevertheless, car manufacturers are working on ways to counter this method.

 The vast majority of criminals targeting cars have neither the skills nor the patience to intercept car codes and wait for a chance to use them. Instead car thieves typically try to jimmy the lock of the vehicle or merely smash the window to steal items from inside the car or truck.

 Locksmiths can help explain the potential vulnerabilities of remote keyless entry systems to customers, informing them of the various advances in the field, including those involving car lock key codes. They can also help customers select a keyless entry system within their budget that is secure and reliable. When choosing a locksmith to work with, inquire about the company’s licensing and insurance status and also check into its professional experience in dealing with vehicle locks and remote keyless entry systems. Dealing with an experienced keyless entry system provider will help you get the best advice regarding the optimal system for your vehicle. Professional Locksmith in Chicago has locations throughout the continental U.S. offering highly trained Locksmiths in Chicago and technicians that can help customers with a variety of needs regarding keyless entry systems. They are licensed, ensured and offer a high standard of service to customers.

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