Can a Locksmith Rekey a Motorcycle?

Rekey a Motorcycle

The great thing about locksmiths is that they are incredibly versatile and can help you with almost any lock or key that needs repairs. That means that whether you need your home, car, or motorcycle rekeyed, they will be able to help you out. The most common reason people will choose to rekey their motorbike is that they are concerned whether another person has a copy of the key. If you lost your key or gave someone a spare and no longer trust him or her, then hiring a locksmith to rekey a Motorcycle can be the ideal solution, as it is simple and fairly inexpensive.

Understanding Rekeying

The process of rekeying is different from changing a lock and can be confusing to those who aren’t familiar with it. It is essentially using the same lock, but rearranging the interior components so that they fit a different key than the original one. This means that any lost keys will no longer work in the lock (or ignition), so you don’t have to worry about someone else stealing your vehicle.

The General Process

If you look online at directions to rekey your motorcycle, you may think that it seems simple, but it is best left to a professional with the tools and experience. He or she will remove the cylinder from the lock and then use a variety of tools as well as the new key to adjust the pins so they match this new key. It may take a locksmith a brief period of time, but if you were to attempt to do the job yourself, you would risk damaging your motorcycle.

Various Motorcycle Keys

As a motorcycle owner, you know that there are many different keys on the bike. While a car simply has the one key that opens the doors and trunk as well as starts the ignition, the open design of motorcycles makes them slightly different. In addition to the ignition lock, there are also seat locks, oil cap locks, gas cap locks, disc brake locks, and motorcycle fork locks. No matter which type of lock you are having issues with, a locksmith should be able to rekey it for you so your motorcycle is fully operational and you can access all of the features and internal mechanics.

Benefits of Rekeying

Sometimes something occurs and you realize that you lost your motorcycle key. If you have a backup, you could simply get an additional copy made of the spare, so you have two copies: one to use regularly and a backup in case you lose one. The only issue with this is that your lost key will still be out there somewhere, and if someone finds it and knows who it belongs to, he or she could steal your motorbike. Rekeying is actually fairly affordable and means that any lost or stolen keys will no longer work in your vehicle, keeping it safe. It is also more affordable than changing the entire lock, as this would require you to visit your dealership and may even require complicated mechanical operations.

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