Can I Rekey a Deadbolt?

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The answer to the question, “Can I rekey a deadbolt?” is yes. In addition to rekeying as a do-it-yourself project, you can always hire a reputable handyman, or if preferred, have a professional locksmith assist.


Deadbolts vary significantly based on a number of factors, including the manufacturing company, age, and even quality or current condition. As long as the bolt has been installed correctly and is well-designed, there should be no problem with rekeying.


Can I Rekey a Deadbolt – Viable Options


If you want to rekey a deadbolt, you have a couple of different options. To save a little money, the deadbolt can be removed from the door and then taken to a reputable locksmith, who can rekey it for you. Otherwise, you can visit a local home improvement or hardware store to purchase a rekeying kit made specifically for the type of lock.


To remove the old deadbolt, screws on the inside plate need to be removed and set aside. If the deadbolt is designed with a one-way security screw, this can be loosened simply by tapping the screw’s head going in a counterclockwise direction and then using pliers to completely remove the screws. Now, if screws are not visible, this means they are hidden beneath the plate, something commonly seen with certain brands, including Arrow, Lori, Medeco master lock, and Schlage.


  • Arrow: For double cylinder deadbolts manufactured by Arrow, the key needs to be inserted and then given an approximately one-quarter turn. With this, the screws become accessible. Then, with a small Phillips screwdriver, the screws can be removed.


  • Lori: These deadbolts look a lot like Mortise locks in that the outside cylinder and, on occasion, the inside cylinder have a screw that goes into the housing. Because of this, the faceplate has to be taken off first, followed by the screws. To loosen set screws on the bolt, a 5/64-inch Allen wrench is used. With this done, both of the cylinders can be unscrewed.


  • Medeco: Deadbolts made by Medeco are made with a cover plate that hides the screws. Also, in the inside plate is a thin wire that fits into a groove. Underneath the thumbturn, the set screw is loosened using a small Allen wrench and the thumbturn removed. Using the tip of a knife or awl, the end of the wire is removed from the groove, allowing the brass plate to come off, which in turn reveals the screws.


  • Schlage: The older double cylinder deadbolts are sometimes made with a brass cap that has been driven into the screw’s head. A small chisel can be tapped along the separation line between the cap and screw to loosen and remove it. In some cases, the screw will actually need to be drilled off.


Choosing a Rekeying Kit


Regardless of the type of deadbolt you have, finding a rekeying kit is easy. Make sure to select the proper kit and follow the instructions provided. You can rekey a deadbolt in a very short period of time.

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