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Home Alarm System in Chicago

The growing threat of property crime has more and more people looking into the advantages offered by home security alarms. House alarm systems can help protect your property and family members from malicious intruders into your home by alerting home occupants and law enforcement of attempts to break into your house.

As concerns about the rise in property crime grows, the home security industry is experiencing an influx of revenues as security-conscious home and property owners install more security systems. According to industry analysts, the home security market is expected to grow from about $20 billion in 2011 to $34 billion in 2014.

While there are many home security systems on the market, not all are created equal. Understanding some basics about home alarm systems and their features may help consumers pick better, more cost-effective security measures.

Begin by setting a budget for your home security system. Do a quick Internet search to get a price range for systems, and set a budget that you can feel comfortable with spending.

Next check out your home and figure out how many doors and windows you want to protect with an alarm. Then think about where you’d like to place your home security system’s control panel and key pads. Most people have keypads near their front or garage doors, and the control panel is usually situated in a central hallway.

You’ll then need to decide whether you want a wireless system or a hardwired system. Hardwired systems tend to be more reliable, but are more expensive to install. Be sure to measure the distance of your windows and doors from the security system’s control panel, as this will impact how much wiring you’ll need or how much distance wireless security system transmitters will need.

Your next major choice is whether you’ll want to purchase a monitored security system. Monitored systems are linked to a monitoring center that watches the security system and contacts either you or law enforcement, or both in the event of a breach. The service is usually provided for a monthly fee, but may be well worth the cost. A less expensive option is a self-monitoring system which will dial pre-selected numbers in the event the security alarm goes off.

When evaluating house alarm systems, it is also very important to ascertain how user-friendly the keypad and control systems are. An awkward user interface may reduce the utility of the device, and may cost you more in the event of a false alarm you can’t shut down that brings law enforcement to your door (Some law enforcement agencies charge home security system users a fee to respond to false alarms).

To get expert advice on house alarm systems and which product is best suited for your home, consider visiting Professional Locksmith in Chicago. The company has local locksmiths who understand the security needs of your area and who can help steer you to a product that fits your budget and provides adequate security from break-in threats. They can also help update the locks in your home and provide other security advice.

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