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As part of keeping your home secure, you need to focus on not only windows and doors but also gates. If your home has a gate designed to prevent just anyone from entering the property, you want to make sure it has a high-quality lock. There are actually many different options available, but if you ever need help in making the right choice or with installation, a professional locksmith can assist.

Remember, the type of lock chosen will depend somewhat on the type of gate you have. For example, some gates have very small places where a lock can be placed, so you want to take measurements and up-close photos that can be shown to someone at a hardware or home improvement store when making the purchase or to the locksmith who is locating the lock for you.

Lockable Gate Latches

With a lockable gate latch, a lock is used as an integral part of the gate latch or in addition to a gate latch. Lockable gate latches come in a wide variety of options that range from a basic school gate latch to one that is highly engineered and actually part of the lock design.



Locksmiths agree that of all locks, even for gates, deadbolts are an exceptional option. Deadbolts are commonly used in homes throughout the world, as well as businesses, but they also help secure gates. If your gate is not lockable, a deadbolt is an excellent choice. Keep in mind that there are certain tools and skills involved with installing a gate deadbolt, which is why you should consider using the services of a trained locksmith.

For gates, both a single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolt work well. For the single, there is a knob located on the inside of the gate and the locking keyed mechanism is on the outside. However, if the gate needs to be locked from both the inside and outside, you definitely want a double-cylinder deadbolt.

With the rise in people breaching even really thick gates, lock designs have improved. One of the more popular choices is a 5-inch-thick gate deadbolt. This lock took a number of months to be designed, engineered, and tested, but the results have been incredible.

There are also deadbolt gate locks that can be accessed without a key. Instead, a preset key code is entered; there is a place for a key to go if preferred. From the inside of the gate, the knob is turned to lock the gate. Manufacturers recommend using this type of lock only on gates that are located in protected areas as opposed to those exposed to the elements.

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