New Types of Personal Safes


When talking about personal safes, most people immediately think of larger safes that sit inside a walk-in closet. Although this type of safe is still a popular option for homeowners, there are plenty of additional choices. Based on growing demand, the safe industry has expanded its offering to consumers.

Regardless of the item or items you need protected, such as cash, jewelry, family heirlooms, important or legal documents, or even electronic devices, there are several excellent possibilities.

Laptop Safe

One of the more popular choices among personal safes now available is the laptop safe. Although this safe is designed specifically for a laptop computer, there are larger sizes that can easily accommodate several different types of electronic devices. This safe is extremely strong yet small enough to slide beneath the bed. When looking at laptop safes, be sure to choose one from a reputable company that is made from high-quality steel and has an exceptional locking mechanism.

Although every brand is slightly different, most laptop safes are designed to be water and fireproof up to varying degrees of heat and for different periods of time. At home or when traveling, a laptop safe is an exceptional way to keep electronic devices secure.

Safe with Credit Card Reader

This type of personal safe is commonly used in hotels, but it has become a favorite choice for many people at home. As the name implies, this safe is extremely strong, and to open, a credit card is required. Obviously, this limits who can gain access to the safe. For protecting some of your smaller valuables, this safe has been proven to be a top choice.

Wall Safe

As opposed to huge wall safes seen in movies, there are now personal-size wall safes that can easily be hidden behind a mural or painting or left exposed when installed inside a closet. This type of safe is installed between normal 16-inch wall studs. When done correctly by a trained locksmith, it provides quick and convenience access. Because this safe is installed in the wall, valuable floor space is never compromised.

Security Safe


This safe is typically much smaller than other safes while still providing ample room for things like jewelry, cash, documents, zip drives, and so on. A security safe is affordable, and most have electronic locks with an override key. If you choose a security safe, be sure it has two live locking bolts and can be bolted to the floor with special hardware.

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