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locksmith secrets

Many people think a day in the life of a locksmith is dull, but in reality, these professionals perform very interesting work. Here are a number of things that most people are unaware that locksmiths do.

Top 7 Locksmith Secrets

1.Assisting Law Enforcement – Some professional locksmiths actually perform undercover work for law enforcement. For example, if surveillance equipment needs to be set up or bugs installed while someone is out of a home or business, law enforcement will call in a locksmith to help. To ensure everything is covert, these calls often come in during the middle of the night.

2.Deadbolt Installation – Although it would seem as if a building contractor would have no problem installing a deadbolt, locksmiths claim they go on many calls only to find that installation was performed incorrectly. This is a prime example of why hiring a professional locksmith to handle all lock issues is so important.

3.Safety – Although the market is flooded with all types of new locks and gadgets, most locksmiths agree that for safety, the best option is a deadbolt with a minimum 1-inch throw. In addition, there should always be a security plate with screws that are at least 3 inches long on the strike side. These factors combined will provide your home the best security possible. In fact, when it comes to doors, deadbolts provide as much as 99 percent of your security.

4.Ordinary People – Locksmiths are just ordinary people who do an extraordinary job. Locksmith offices generally have normal business hours, which means for night calls, the on-call locksmith has to climb out of bed, stop eating supper, or leave an important event to come to your aid.

5.Legitimate Businesses – You would think because a locksmith is listed with a phone number and address that the company is legitimate, but in reality, this is not always the case. According to reputable locksmiths, the best way to find a qualified professional is by asking for references, checking with the Better Business Bureau, or contacting someone at a locksmith association.

6.Recommendations – Often, people take a product at face value only to find door and window locks have to be replaced within just a few years. If you are building a home or business or having existing locks updated, locksmiths strongly urge that you start by asking for recommendations rather than just heading to the nearest home improvement or hardware store. In addition to better security, the locks will provide years of excellent service.

7.Not Magicians – In addition to doors, windows, gates, and automobiles, locksmiths work on gun safes, locking file cabinets, and desks, among other things. What many people do not realize is that buying one of these items at a flea market, online, or at a garage sale may save a lot upfront, but if you need the lock changed, you could be looking at some serious money. Often, locks are outdated or severely damaged to the point that it requires a master locksmith significant time to repair or change them.

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