When Is It Necessary To Rekey Your Locks?

Rekey Your Locks in Chicago

If you ever suspect that an unauthorized person has access to your keys, then you should seriously consider having your locks rekeyed as this poses a serious threat to the security of your home, office or personal property. Rekeying is a method of adjusting the tumblers inside a lock allowing you to use a new key while at the same time rendering the old key useless, without the need to replace your lock.

When To Rekey

There are many different instances when you will need to rekey your locks; a good example is when you move into a new house or apartment that has had previous occupants. People always have several sets of spare keys to their home or office and often fail to pass them on when they move out. This gives them unauthorized access to your property, and can pose a serious security threat. This is a good time to have your locks rekeyed.

Another good example of when to rekey is if you suspect that someone has made unauthorized copies of a key, or if you have recently lost or misplaced your keys.

If you have experienced a burglary or even an attempted burglary, then it is definitely time to rekey; do not be negligent about it because this can pose a serious threat to your home’s and your family’s security and well being.

Never undertake this task without the expert advice of your Local Locksmith; this is his area of expertise and you would be well advised to have this job done by the professionals.

How Is It Done?

Rekeying is a lot less messy and a much more cost effective solution to replacing your locks. With a simple adjustment to the lock mechanism you will be able to use a new key. Another benefit is that you can either remove the locks and take them to your locksmith to have the adjustment done or alternatively, you can have your locksmith come directly to your home or office and do the adjustments on site. Having your locks rekeyed is a relatively simple procedure and the longest part of the job is the removal of the locks.

A Master Key

This might also be a good time to have a master key made. A master key allows you to have only one key that can unlock a group of locks in your home or office, for example, with a master key you can access both your front door as well as your back door. This permits you to carry fewer keys, and gives you instant access to all the doors of your home or office in the case of an emergency.

Consider Getting An Upgrade

If you are in the process of having your locks rekeyed you may want to bypass this step altogether and opt for a lock upgrade.

Cellphone Locks

Cellphone locks can be installed over your existing locks and allow you to check, lock and unlock your door via your smartphone; you can even do this remotely from anywhere in the world. Now you never have to worry about whether you have locked your house or not.

Better Safe Than Sorry

When thenecessity arises, rekeying your locks is a simpler and more viable option to replacing them. Remember, better to be safe than sorry, so never skimp or neglect your home’s security.

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