When Should You Have New Keys And Duplications Made?

Duplications Keys in Chicago

Property crime is on the rise, making securing your home and business essential to dodging entirely avoidable losses due to theft and vandalism. Remembering to lock your doors at night isn’t the only precaution you should take to safeguard your home or business property. Keeping tight control over the number of keys to your property and their location is essential to improving security.

While limiting the number of keys to your property is important to maintaining security, there are times when you’ll need to make new keys and duplications.

When you buy a new home, business property or vehicle, you’ll probably want to make new keys or have duplicates of existing keys made. If your new property has an old, worn looking key, you’ll likely want to get a locksmith to make a new key from scratch based on identifying information on the lock or key. This information should direct locksmiths to a mold from which they can create an original key.

You’ll also want to have duplicate keys made to give other family members and employees access to your property as needed. You’ll also likely want a spare key in case you lose yours.

When deciding how many keys to make for your business, be sure to give only trusted employees who need unfettered access to your property keys. Also insist on having those keys returned should your employees cease employment with your company.

Should your replace your locks or have them rekeyed, it goes without saying that you’ll need new keys and duplications made. To avoid getting shoddy copies, be sure to let a locksmith make your duplicates instead of having the work done at a hardware store. Locksmiths typically have superior tools and materials to make keys with, and can ensure that the keys you get will work smoothly with your new locks.

If you’re having trouble locking and unlocking your doors, the problem may be with your keys. Keys wear down over time, or you may have a faulty key made of substandard material if you had copies made by a business other than a professional locksmith. Before switching out your locks, visit your locksmith to see if getting new, professionally cut keys will resolve the issue. This will be much less expensive than replacing locks.

A professional locksmith can help business and residential customers with a variety of locksmithing issues, including issues related to having new keys and duplications made. Most locksmith companies have employees with the training and tools to create copies of just about any key, including standard house locks and more complex high-tech car keys.

When searching for a Qualified Locksmith in Chicago to make new keys and duplications, check your local yellow pages or do a simple Google search. Be sure to take note of the services offered by the locksmiths you are considering, as some locksmiths have specialties that others don’t. Also check to see if your locksmith is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America. Membership is not a guarantee of superior work, but locksmiths who make the effort to join the organization tend to be more conscientious industry members.

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